Decision Innovations offers a series of training workshops to meet the needs of individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

The following workshop outlines what CBA is about, what it does, one of its histories (the four eras in the evolution of decisionmaking methodology that preceded the development of CBA), and why CBA is important. There are two versions of this workshop, a one-hour version and a three-hour version.

Each version of this workshop is an awareness session, not a training session. In each case, the purpose is to show the participants why they need to learn and skillfully use the CBA concepts and methods.

For those who have already decided to learn and use CBA, the above workshop is unnecessary, because its contents are presented in the one-day and three-day sound-decisionmaking workshops, mentioned below. For example, both the one-day workshop and the three-day workshop describe some of the unsound, conflict-causing methods that came into use during the four eras that preceded the development of CBA: the primitive-decisionmaking era, the frontier era, the proposal-evaluation era, and the impact-evaluation era. Now, for the first time in history, as we move out of the impact-evaluation era, people have the opportunity to learn and use sound, peace-building methods ─ the CBA methods.

We believe that — as a minimum — every person in today's complex, rapidly changing, modern society needs all the CBA skills that are provided in the following one-day workshop.

Architects, engineers, executives and leaders in organizations, counselors, consultants, elected officials, physicians, lawyers, judges, and other professional decisionmakers need higher levels of CBA skill than can be provided in a one-day workshop. They need the CBA skills that are provided in the following workshops, in the following sequence. As a minimum, professional decisionmakers need the skills that are provided in the sound-decisionmaking workshop. (Those in the highest levels in organizations need the highest levels of CBA skill.)

Many of the leaders and members of organizations — especially, CBA facilitators, CBA instructors, and process consultants — need the skills that are provided in the following workshop.

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