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                     A reader from Prescott, Arizona , June 20, 1999
                     Discovery and correction of unsound decision making habits
                     A helpful hand in changing my perception of decision making. Not only did it change
                     my perception of decision making it showed me how to change from my unsound
                     methods that had become second nature.

                     It guides the reader with clear understandable text through the learning process of
                     finding out how we as a society (and how I as an individual) make significant errors in
                     the use of commonly used decision making processes. He then clearly shows how to
                     correct my thought processes to more regularly make sound decisions with sound

                     If you are a business leader, or a political leader, or a community leader, or want to
                     be, I encourage you to read this book. It has helped me and if making sound
                     decisions is important to you, this book is the only one I have found that helped me.
                     All the other books were either unclear, simplistic, unexplained, or as I found out:
                     unsound. I wonder how many decision making errors I've made without knowing it.